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Weather Related Road Conditions

This section provides general traveler information during winter storms to compliment our current real-time listings of counties in snow emergency and lanes closed due to severe weather.

General travelers advisories will be provided by the State Highway Administration (SHA) and Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) maintenance shops for the Interstate, Primary and Secondary state highways in each county. Since the advisories will be updated by the winter storm personnel out clearing the roads, only state maintained roads (roads with route number designations (such as MD-32,) roads prefixed with the letter I (I-95 for example,) and roads prefixed with US (such as US-29) will be reported on CHART on the Web. Each reporting maintenance shop within a county will be displayed with the overall conditions listed. The maintenance shops will report the number of pieces of equipment that are currently performing winter operations. The equipment types displayed will be Dump Trucks, Patrol Vehicles, Snow Blowers and Front End Loaders.

The possible conditions that can be reported are as follows:

  • Dry or Wet - designated in Green
  • Isolated Coverage or Overall Coverage - designated in Yellow
  • Restricted Lanes or Closed - designated in Red
Maintenance Shop Equipment totals will be displayed as
  • # of Dump Trucks, # of Pickups, # of Loaders, # of Snow Blowers
  • Total Equipment: # of
The conditions for a specific area will only be displayed if the information is less than 6 hours old. If an area is not listed, then there are no current conditions available at this time. The reporting maintenance shops will be listed by county.

These conditions are to be used for providing Traveler Advisories and general road conditions to motorists and may change rapidly during storms. The conditions reported may not always reflect the actual conditions on every roadway within a shop's reporting area. Motorists are urged to use these conditions as a guide along with other available information to gauge the severity of the roadways in their area. Motorists are always advised to use caution when driving in winter weather events.

There are no current road conditions reported at this time.