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CHART Archived System Documentation

Archived System Documentation Links

Emergency Operations Reporting System (EORS)


Original System Requirements

Original Business Area Architecture

This original BAA Report from 2000 focused primarily on the needs of SHA and the Traffic Operations Centers for an operational system to manage traffic on state highways, and was not intended to address the entire vision of CHART as a multi-modal Integrated Transportation System. The approach to initially concentrate on the operational traffic management aspects of CHART was taken to address the immediate concerns for a traffic management system to replace the defective existing system. This approach was also taken to establish a business and technical baseline on which to conduct further visioning and business analysis. In adition to the business processes, it included many of the performance requirements that had been identified as being drivers in the design of the system. This included response time requirements, transaction volume estimates, and storage requirements. These software constraints made their way into requirements that define the base system still in use today.

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